Allison triemstra

Website copyediting and nature-inspired brand photos taken for Allison Lucienne Photography – a wedding photographer based out of Sudbury, Ontario 


project scope

Website Copyediting & Brand Photography


Allison Triemstra

Website copyediting and nature-inspired brand photos taken for Allison Lucienne Photography – a wedding photographer based out of Sudbury, Ontario 


Project Scope


Website Copyediting & Brand Photography

Client Context

Allison and I began our journey together as photographer and muse, where we spent a late summer evening frolicking along Georgian Bay, dancing to her beautifully curated playlist. As I documented each moment for her upcoming rebrand, this night felt truly magical (we even ended it with an after sunset swim!) Months later, she reached back out searching for website copy support. When it came to the words that would eventually exist alongside her art, she knew she wanted to write them herself but was also looking for a more collaborative experience — one that included strategic guidance and thoughtful revisions. Together, we co-created website copy that truly reflects her brand’s spirit. In this case study, we’ll explore the initial goals for the project, the collaborative process itself including some behind-the-scenes, as well as final deliverables including brand photos. 


Free-Spirited / Artistic / Earthy / Warm 

free-spirited / warm
artistic / earthy 

Brand photos: Process & Approach

With 10 plus years of cultivating a space for clients to express themselves freely, Allison has been capturing human connections and guiding couples to revive their love through the art of photography. During our initial discovery call,  we spoke about her business, her brand, her desires, and her intentions. We spoke about who she is, what she values, and how she would like those elements reflected throughout her photography business. 

With a rebrand on the horizon, Allison wanted new brand photos that encompassed who she is as a human and as an artist. She wanted non-traditional brand photos. She wanted art. Emotion. Detail.

Moving through this experience, our intention for this session was to gravitate towards natural yet creative freedom – integrating elements of play, movement, stillness, and breath work. 

We chose an outdoor location that was meaningful to her (located in Parry Sound, Ontario), which allowed her to feel comfortable and safe. We played music, we explored, and we existed in this space while interacting with the natural elements around – water, stone, sand, tree, rock, wood. 

– Allison Triemstra

From the moment I found her the process was so easy. I love that she made a collaborative Pinterest board for me to share my vision and feeling for the brand session. During the session Savannah made me feel so calm. She directed me in such an open way that allowed room for me to be me. She nailed the feel I had in mind for the session. Working with Savannah was worth every penny and I look forward to doing so again in the future!

"Savannah delivered beyond my expectations. Going through the images, I felt so seen and understood." 

Copywriting: The Intention

For this project, Allison had three primary objectives in mind: 1. Clarify the message for her ideal clients. She wanted to make sure that what she was incorporating onto her website would be written in a way that spoke to her target audience on a more personal level. She also wanted to make sure it was carefully considered touching on the exact points that mattered most to them (along with her unique selling points, which we identified together). 2. Create copy that could complement her existing web design. Allison had already purchased a website template, which meant she wanted copy that could be seamlessly integrated into its existing design. 3. Ensure consistency in her brand voice. When Allison came to me for support, she knew she wanted copy that sounds like her, is written by her, but would be strategically guided and revised by me. While working together, we were able to refine all areas of her copy to make sure it aligned with her overall brand voice – heart-warming, kind, personal, and inviting. 

“I want to write copy that sounds like me but is strategically guided and revised by you”


heartwarming / inviting / personal / kind 

heartwarming / kind
personal / inviting 

Copywriting: Process & Approach

As always, we began with a comprehensive brand reflection questionnaire so that I could get a better understanding of Allison’s overall brand. These discoveries guided my approach throughout the project, specifically when it came to reviewing and editing Allison’s web pages. Followed by the questionnaire, Allison received a personalized copy guidebook, which acted as a road map and supported her as she began to write her own website copy. Not only did it include tangible tips and prompts, but it also included the strategic framework, mindset, and approach that I would have used if I were to write the copy for her. Once she had the pages written, I provided her with thorough feedback while keeping her brand intentions and ideal target audience in mind. 

Brand exploration & thoughtful execution

The Deliverables

By the end of this journey, Allison received a personalized copy guidebook – one of my digital resources that walked her through how to write copy for her homepage, about page, services page, sales page, contact page, portfolio page, and blog page – edits for five of her primary web pages, detailed marked up revisions for those pages, audio explanations, and one final closing call to wrap up the project. Although this collaboration includes my own strategic edits and suggestions (see below for some behind-the-scenes), I absolutely love seeing my clients apply their newfound copy knowledge to their work while adding in their own twist so that their copy can feel even more aligned with who they are. 

Website Copy Collaboration & Copyediting

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– Allison Triemstra

When I came to her for copywriting, I knew I wanted to work with her specifically. Her words spoke directly to me and as someone who struggles with articulating my thoughts, I knew I needed someone who would understand what I was trying to convey to my clients. If you’re looking for someone who will provide you with a high-quality, stress-free, and in-depth copywriting experience, Savannah is worth all the money. She even offered insights into mindset and education around the topics that I wasn’t well versed in. If you get the chance to speak with Savannah, you’ll know instantly that she’s the right person for you and your business.

“Working with Savannah was like working with a long time friend. She is so kind, understanding, and knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to support me throughout the entire process."