Debbie Elisa

Website copy intensive for Debbie Elisa, an elopement and wedding photographer based in King George, Virginia. 


project scope

Sales Page Copywriting & Website Copyediting


Debbie Elisa

Website copy intensive for Debbie Elisa, an elopement and wedding photographer based in King George, Virginia. 


Project Scope


Sales Page Copywriting & Website Copyediting

Client Context

When you have a clear vision and a deep desire to elevate your brand, the results can be truly transformative. This was definitely the case with Debbie, a mini-adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in King George, Virginia.

When Debbie first approached me, she was seeking guidance on how to strategically improve her copy, hoping to write it herself. A year later, she reached back out and hired me as her copywriter. Although Debbie already had a strong brand voice and a great foundation of existing copy (which we were able to build on to improve her primary web pages), she also recognized the need of refining her message to better resonate with her target audience.

Throughout the entire process, Debbie knew exactly what she wanted yet was open to creative and strategic direction, making the overall collaboration seamless. She had two specific deliverables in mind: she wanted a comprehensive sales page that would provide her clients with everything they would need to know about elopements, and she wanted edits for her primary website pages to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand voice. In this case study, we’ll explore how we worked together to achieve these objectives by creating copy that effectively conveyed Debbie’s unique strengths as a talented photographer – with her personal intentions, brand personality, and target audience in mind.



fun / wild
personable / sassy

The Deliverables

Throughout our collaboration, one of the key components was the creation of an elaborate elopement sales page. This page provides potential clients with all the information they need in order to make an informed decision about choosing to elope and work with Debbie, while specifically guiding them through this decision-making process. We also edited her existing website pages to ensure they were consistent with her strategy and brand voice – fun, wild, personable, and somewhat sassy. This included her homepage, about page, primary services page, portfolio page, contact page, and journal page.

Sales page website copywriting delivered in a week & web page copyediting


While Debbie was able to provide her potential clients with stunning examples of her elopement and wedding photography, she found that she was spending too much time trying to ‘sell’ her services during calls. The introvert in her wanted to create an online brand experience that would require minimal need for additional back and forth discussion. In order to meet this challenge, Debbie had two important goals in mind for her website: 1. generate more aligned leads and 2. improve her workflow.

Process & Approach

Beginning with a detailed questionnaire and strategy call, we uncovered what made Debbie stand out as a photographer and what she cares about. We then explored what her clients care about and identified the common values. To ensure that our copy truly resonated with her audience, I interviewed three of her past clients to gain insights into their language as well as what drew them to her in the first place. From there, we identified Debbie’s place in the industry based on her strengths as well as what her clients truly wanted – and that was, an inclusive judgement-free environment, stunning yet affordable imagery without compromising quality, and an effortless and stress-free wedding experience that reflects who they are as a couple.

“I want my website copy to do the selling for me”

Exploring the hearts and minds of her ideal clients

– Debbie Elisa

"Savannah took my thoughts, words, personality, wit, smart-ass comments, and turned it all into words that resonated with those looking for a down-to-earth, kick -ass photographer. I don’t think I’ll ever stop thanking her! Truly has been a blessing.
Cheers to the most caring and badass copywriter EVER!"

The Results

"Last year was a rough year for me and my family. You know how life is…one moment good and the next it’s shitty. Well I was in the shitty part towards the later part of the year and had to make a lot of tough choices. Dropping a lot of stuff during the shit storm I reached out to Savannah Tran as my one last ditch efforts to bump up my presence (I actually hooked up with her way way back, and put off services thinking I could do this on my own…NOT).

I messaged her, told her what I needed as far as copy/content writing, and what I wanted as the outcome. I was very specific:

I need my site jammed packed with all the info that I can shove in so that when potential clients land on my page there isn’t a lot of discussion or questions other than “are you available and when can we sign."

I’m not one myself to have much of a back and forth convo so I didn’t want that for my site. I wanted it all out there, but had the hardest time writing it all out.

Words from Debbie

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It’s been a few months and holy cow it’s working. I’ve booked couples who were ready to sign and have me photograph their wedding, elopement, and a few other portrait sessions. Clients stated 'No I don’t have any questions for you. Your website literally answered every question I had and we are excited to work with you.' This simple yet hard to reach goal was met and matched, and has exceeded my expectations."