Aliyah Elise Artistry

As an NBR Hair Extension Specialist based out of Vacaville, California, Aliyah wanted to bring a new level of professionalism to her brand by having a custom website where her clients could learn more about NBR hair extensions, the process, AND be able to easily book an appointment with her. She not only wanted to generate more leads, but it was important that her overall messaging emphasized the benefits of her services in a way that connected with her audience and felt aligned with who she is and what she’s all about. Our collaboration included: Establishing her brand voice AND writing full website copy intended to connect with and educate potential clients. Brand & Web Design by SoulKynd. 

Website Copywriting

"Wow Savannah, you nailed absolutely everything, and from learning about all things hair in just this past week, I’m truly mind blown. I’m so excited to see it come to life because this copy is perfect – love it all!"


When it came down to the messaging, our primary intention was to create copy that communicated the value of the services (more specifically, NBR hair extensions.) It was important to Aliyah that potential clients not only feel empowered in choosing her as their hair specialist but leave with a deeper understanding of the process itself. 

Process & Approach

After speaking with Aliyah and reflecting on her insights into the brand questionnaire, it was clear that I was going to take on a bolder approach with her copy. Using powerful yet personable language, her new copy includes strong headers that speak directly to her readers, highlight the many benefits that come with NBR extensions, radiate her personality, and encourage her audience to take action. 

Some Favourite pieces

When writing copy for clients, I nearly always write it with design in mind. Whether it’s the floating pieces of copy that exist on a page, the subheaders, the calls-to-action, or the primary message itself, seeing the copy designed is everything. Thank you SoulKynd for creating a beautiful home for my words. 

Aliyah, NBR Hair Specialist

These gals are an absolute, dynamic duo, from the copywriting to the whole website curation. It was an absolutely amazing experience. The website curates perfectly how I want my business to be seen, it’s the perfect representation of me, and it was perfectly executed. The copywriting was such a good add-on, everything was professionally written and such a smooth experience! I have been putting off making a website for some time because I was nervous I would mess something up and not tech savvy at all, and they made me feel so comfortable and confident! When things got confusing, they reached out immediately to help! 100% impressed and honestly could not recommend these girls enough!

"The website curates perfectly how I want my business to be seen, it’s the perfect representation of me, and it was perfectly executed."