The artisanth way

Created with the sentimental soul in mind, our collection of services and products is designed to help showcase your brand in a way that builds meaningful connections. With a heartfelt, true-to-you approach, each experience is rooted in your own uniqueness, reflecting the qualities of your craft that make you memorable. 

Come along, as we explore your brand and express it with purpose, together.


Expressive Showit website templates, customizations, and custom web design packages that showcase your work, support your vision, and provide contemplative online brand experiences.

Build a beautiful home for your business that reflects the quality of your offerings

Strategy & Messaging

An in-depth journey of exploration and discovery to identify the meaning behind your brand, unearth its story, and translate it into purposeful messaging for your business.

Develop your brand’s purpose into a carefully-considered and well-articulated framework 

website copywriting

Profound messaging that tells your story, conveys the values of what you offer, attracts ideal clients and customers, and inspires them to take action.

Communicate your story, express your you-ness, and inspire thoughtful-driven action

Brand photography

Poetry-infused photographs that enhance your brand’s presence.

Evoke emotion, elevate your brand identity, and complement your brand energy

brand design

Soul-centred brand design that complements your business – think colour palette, typography suite, and logo variations.

Connect it all together with visual brand direction and design

Shop templates & digital products

Shop our latest website templates and resources designed to support you on this ever-evolving brand journey

"I LOVED the brand strategy component. I can't imagine going into the rest of the project without it."

My favourite part was the initial brand strategy and seeing all of my ideas translate into something tangible. It really broke down and made sense of my brand at the very core and gave me reasons for WHY we were moving in each design and copy direction. Each decision had clear direction and purpose and that was because of the brand strategy!

Kassie Gunn/ Brand Strategy & Website Copywriting

"When I first received my sneak peek photos, I couldn’t help but fall in love instantly."

These photos allowed me to see myself in a different light. Not only did Savannah make me feel grounded and confident while taking photos, she was able to document my spirit and essence so beautifully. She puts so much dedication to her photos and makes sure that every minute of the experience is memorable.

Meghan Rendall / Brand Photography

"This was easily the best investment for my business."

I just want to say that whatever you do is extremely important and powerful. This was easily the best investment for my business AND the best thing that has happened to me in 3 years – thank you so much!

 Barbra-Joi Mitchell / Brand Clarity & Strategic Development


kind words from our clients

meet savannah

The heart & soul behind the studio

Bringing my love for design, language, self-expression, and storytelling into something meaningful for others has been such a heart-opening experience

Over the years, I’ve settled well into my role as a multi-dimensional creative working as a journalist, editor, photographer, web designer, brand strategist, copywriter, and communications professional. And throughout this experience, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for asking the right questions, with the intent to uncover stories and offer meaningful insights. With that, Artisanth has become a safe haven where I’m able to help others reconnect to their voice and express themselves freely.It makes my heart absolutely flutter knowing that you are inviting me, trusting me, and allowing me to be part of such significant transformations within your business. I can’t wait to use my experience to help you grow a brand that not only supports others but supports you, personally. If this resonates, perhaps we’re kindred spirits.