Brand clarity, strategy, and design solutions for budding entrepreneurs & established creatives

Guided by your gift and our strategic insights – we work 1:1 with creative partners to grow meaningful brand experiences that not only support others but support you, personally. By fully embodying our craft, we get to elevate yours – how beautiful is that? 

website rejuvenation

This all-encompassing 2-week web design experience is for creative founders looking to showcase your work in a way that reflects the quality of your offerings. Without compromising artistry or functionality, we do it all for you within 2-weeks so you can confidently launch – fast and fulfilled. Looking for more of a custom experience where we spend more time together to tell your story – we offer that too.

Provide a memorable online brand experience for you and your people with a website that feels like home

For all creative founders

brand regeneration

Think of this as your brand compass – a dedicated in-depth strategy handbook that walks you through the foundational aspects of your business. Here, we explore your brand roots and create an actionable strategy plan with easy-to-implement language that guides all future brand decisions. No more feeling lost about what to say online or where you belong within the industry. Best described by clients as, “Everything I never knew I needed.”

Get noticed in the online space & become an inspiration in your field with carefully-considered messaging

for the budding entrepreneur 

brand expansion

This hands-on collaboration provides the ongoing support and resources needed to grow your brand’s impact. By leveraging your current offerings, we explore new strategies that feel good to you, implement simplified systems, and streamline processes that better align your business with that exciting new vision. Here, we optimize what already exists and introduce opportunities that invite creative expansion, financial growth, and time freedom. 

Leverage your brand and nurture your business with our 1:1 intention-development collaboration

for the established creative

"Never could I have envisioned the extent of artistry Savannah would infuse into Oak & Bergamot to make it into a brand & website as unique as myself."

Thank you for expressing our business in a way that we could have never imagined possible. You have transformed our entire business/brand image with so much grace and professionalism. You have turned something ordinary into extraordinary. Thank you for doing all that you do.

Evelyne, Founder of Oak & Bergamot

"I cried. The Brand Strategy was everything I didn’t know I needed. I can’t even count how many times I have come back to it and reread it just because of how beautiful it is and not in the sense of the way it looks, but in the way it feels."

You took everything I was thinking and put it all together but in the magical way you do. Literally sitting here in tears. Literal magic! (yes in the fantasy-like magic because what you bring to the table isn’t of this world) but it’s so beyond that. You have a gift and I’m so grateful to have gotten to experience it.

Allison triemstra, founder of alli l co

"Thank you Savannah for finally helping me get clear on my brand!"

In working through my business changes and rebranding, I realized I needed help. I was feeling overwhelmed with what I thought I wanted for my brand but wasn’t able to communicate it or even understand it entirely myself. I wasn’t able to wrap my head around this vision and I kept thinking it was clear, until it wasn’t, but that all changed the moment I began working with Savannah! 

Barbra-Joi Mitchell, Founder of Picnics in the 6ix


kind words from our clients

clientS Seen IN

The Archives

A glimpse into some of the brand transformations we've created

Reconnecting to her inner artist, we transformed Char Van Am Photography into Charlotte Kareena – a Toronto-based Editorial-inspired wedding photographer looking for a refined brand and website experience for both her and her clients. 

We helped Picnics in the 6ix realign to the core of their purpose, resulting in clarity, strategy, and brand photography that positioned them as the leading luxury picnics, events, and rental company in the industry. 

From Feel and Focus Photography to Kassie Gunn, we reimagined her brand position as a destination wedding photographer, while setting her apart in the industry with a distinctive brand voice and an elevated, cohesive experience for her clients. 

We helped Alli L Co – a lifestyle and wedding photographer – connect with her brand as a whole through 1:1 brand clarity and strategic development. We then created the exact messaging she would need to confidently talk about her brand, anywhere.

Giving Oak & Bergamot an entire brand overhaul, we transformed this bespoke cleaning company from “ordinary to extraordinary,” – their words, not ours. 

We helped rejuvenate and elevate Carolina’s brand and website so that it not only reflected the quality of her current work, but also provided a beautiful and thoughtful online experience for her clients. 

Looking for something different?

We offer clarity consulting & brand photography designed to elevate your business and attract the right people

Clartiy consulting

A candid & collaborative approach to monthly mentorship starting at $500/month

Your monthly support where we unravel your ideas and piece them together with clear direction and purpose. Think virtual coffee dates, enthusiastic voice note exchanges, copy reviews, brand brainstorming, and candid business chats that provide streamlined guidance and encouragement while fuelling you and the growth of your business.

Artistic Direction & Photography

Documenting the visual aesthetic of your brand with intentional brand photography starting at $575 CAD

Brand photography focuses on capturing you or your brand at its roots, whether it's documenting you in your element, your brand’s unique characteristics, behind-the-scenes, or anything in between. By the end of this journey, you’ll receive a collection of high-resolution edited photos that resonate with your audience, reflect your business intentions, and beautifully portray your brand personality. 

meet savannah

The heart & soul behind the studio

Bringing my love for design, language, self-expression, and storytelling into something meaningful for others has been such a heart-opening experience

Over the years, I’ve settled well into my role as a multi-dimensional creative working as a journalist, editor, photographer, web designer, brand strategist, copywriter, and communications professional. And throughout this experience, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for asking the right questions, with the intent to uncover stories and offer meaningful insights.

With that, Artisanth has become a safe haven where I’m able to help others reconnect to their voice and express themselves freely. It makes my heart absolutely flutter knowing that you are inviting me, trusting me, and allowing me to be part of such significant transformations within your business. I can’t wait to use my experience to help you grow a brand that not only supports others but supports you, personally. If this resonates, perhaps we’re kindred spirits. 

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