For the do-it-all-creative, self-starter, multi-passionate, ever-evolving artist ready to reshape the way you and your clients experience your business 

Here, our love language manifests through acts of service, providing strategic support and storytelling solutions that resonate with your audience, elevate your brand, and bring meaning to your business.

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"Never could I have envisioned the extent of artistry Savannah would infuse into Oak & Bergamot to make it into a brand & website as unique as myself."

Thank you for expressing our business in a way that we could have never imagined possible. You have transformed our entire business/brand image with so much grace and professionalism. You have turned something ordinary into extraordinary. Thank you for doing all that you do.

Evelyne, Founder of Oak & Bergamot

"I cried. The Brand Strategy was everything I didn’t know I needed. I can’t even count how many times I have come back to it and reread it just because of how beautiful it is and not in the sense of the way it looks, but in the way it feels."

You took everything I was thinking and put it all together but in the magical way you do. Literally sitting here in tears. Literal magic! (yes in the fantasy-like magic because what you bring to the table isn’t of this world) but it’s so beyond that. You have a gift and I’m so grateful to have gotten to experience it.

Allison triemstra, founder of alli l co

"I wanted a brand & website that was not only beautiful but also easy to navigate for my clients. Savannah had an incredible vision for me and she got me there perfectly. I am so happy with the outcome and she is also (probably) the sweetest person in the world. "

Most people have hesitations in trying to find someone who’s going to fulfil all the exceptions you have (especially as a creative with a vision yourself). I was amazed with everything – it was more than I would have thought possible despite knowing she would do a great job. 

Charlotte Kareena, Founder of Char Van Am Photography

"Thank you Savannah for finally helping me get clear on my brand!"

In working through my business changes and rebranding, I realized I needed help. I was feeling overwhelmed with what I thought I wanted for my brand but wasn’t able to communicate it or even understand it entirely myself. I wasn’t able to wrap my head around this vision and I kept thinking it was clear, until it wasn’t, but that all changed the moment I began working with Savannah! 

Barbra-Joi Mitchell, Founder of Picnics in the 6ix


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meet savannah

The heart & soul behind the studio

Bringing my love for design, language, self-expression, and storytelling into something meaningful for others has been such a heart-opening experience

I always knew there was a different way for me to approach business – a way that felt more me, more thoughtful, and more aligned. With that, I became inspired and determined to create a space that encompassed these exact sentiments not only for myself but for others as well – a space where soul and strategy intertwine. Because I believe brand storytelling can feel like poetry too – honest, intriguing, deeply personal, and evokes emotion, contemplation, and connection.

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Shop our latest website templates and intentional resources designed to support you on this ever-evolving brand journey


As humans, we are drawn to connection. We are drawn to emotions. And the way your brand is understood by others, that’s what gives it character, this is what draws people in. We just have to tell that story.

Ready to create a meaningful brand experience that not only supports others but supports you, personally?