You’ve jumped wholeheartedly into your practice with a deep passion for your craft. You see business not only as a means to make money, but as a way to bring value to the lives of others, fulfill your creative calling, and inspire action that matters. And by now you’ve discovered that brand storytelling is more than just sharing an offer and hoping it resonates. It’s more than simply showing up in this space the way everyone else seems to be. 

For the budding entrepreneur, do-it-all-creative, self-starter, multi-passionate, ever-evolving human 

"Give Savannah all of your money lol but no, in all seriousness, you will not regret the investment you are making with Savannah."

Like any investment, there is a level of 'you get what you give,' especially when your brand is an extension of you. Savannah makes opening up and allowing yourself to be seen so easy because she feels like a friend you have had for years. The Brand Strategy is literally an extension of my brain. She took everything I was thinking and put it together in the magical way that she does. I am walking away feeling so centred, grounded, in not only my brand itself but in the direction I want for my business moving forward.

Allison, Lifestyle photographer

"I LOVED the brand strategy component. It wasn’t something I even thought about or considered prior to having it. But once I saw it, I can’t imagine going into the rest of the project without it."

It really broke down and made sense of my brand at the very core and gave me reasons for WHY we were moving in each design and copy direction. Each decision had a clear direction and purpose and that was because of the brand strategy. Going forward, it’ll be so much easier for me to make decisions that align with my brand and keep me consistent.

Kassie, Wedding & Elopement photographer

"Go get a first-class experience with an amazing human that cares about what you need and want for your business."

While working with Savannah, I was hoping to showcase my brand in a different style that connected to my audience. I wanted to capture visuals that allowed me to elevate my style and offerings as I launched a new service for my company. I am obsessed. Savannah created an unforgettable experience from brand strategy to brand photos. I am in love with the photos that were created, and the understanding of brand strategy I now know, will help me navigate my business and any ventures I decide to start moving forward.

Barbra-Joi, Events & Wedding Stylist

"I worked with Savannah before, and that experience was so amazing and insightful that I felt the need to return for assistance with another business in mind."

I was really trying to make sure that I focused on the structure of my business and how to really push that out to individuals who would be understanding and accepting of it. I wanted to be very authentic, open and honest in what it was going to be and why I was going to be doing this particular business. Working with Savannah gives you the ability to really lean into who you are. I am feeling insanely confident in my abilities and what I plan on doing with my new business venture. I don’t think I could truly express our time together. Thank you so much. 

Debbie Perez,  Website designer

"It’s clear that Savannah leads from her heart and wants the absolute best for her clients."

Many tears were shed throughout this process in the most compelling way possible. Savannah was able to help me unpack layers that were deep within that I may not have accessed if it weren't for her thought-provoking questions that we explored in the discovery phase of us working together. What great medicine this experience was.

Chantal, Yoga Teacher


kind words from our clients

What if we could help you:

Attract and retain ideal clients who value your art and you as an artist

Express all elements of your brand in a way that resonates with you and the hearts of your audience

Alleviate feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty when it comes to your abilities and offerings

Ensure consistency across all brand touch points for an aligned and cohesive client experience 

Maintain a healthy work-life harmony to prevent burnout while growing your business

Looking to find your place in the industry?

brand regeneration

Unearth your business potential with a strategic plan that works 


Brand Regeneration was created to help you position your brand in a way that’s profound and profitable. Whether you’re in the earlier stages of brand creation, have recently experienced significant changes within your business, or have been operating for years without a clear direction for messaging, this package helps you move through these fundamental roadblocks of the brand-building process so that you can create – and operate – a meaningful, impactful, and aligned brand for your business. 

✓ BONUS: At the end of this journey, you’ll not only have a strategy handbook that resonates, but you’ll receive plug-and-pull copy that helps you talk about your business and sell your offerings anywhere.

The Creative Exchange

What you'll receive

✓ An individualized strategy handbook where we identify the meaning behind your brand, unearth its story, and translate it into purposeful messaging for your business (mission, vision, tagline, brand story, values, brand pillars & more)

✓ Supporting resources like header suggestions, descriptors, one-liners, plus a bonus writing style guide that helps you stay consistent when showing up online

✓ Ready-to-use messaging that can be used as website copy, social media marketing, or on brand collateral 

✓ Personalized focus plans that help you implement your strategy across various brand touch points

Here's How it works

The most in-depth & effective way to communicate your brand story & get noticed in the online space

Step 1 – The Discovery Call 

If we believe we can guide you to your desired outcome and you feel confident about your decision to work together, then you’ve just made your first step towards creating an authentically aligned business with the support of a brand strategist. 

✓ Accept your invitation and receive access to your online business journal (our private workspace, which includes digital resources, foundational modules, and templates that guide our project) 

✓ Access our free fundamental and self-paced workshop designed to help you reconnect to yourself so that every business decision moving forward will naturally align with who you are 

✓ Explore the resources and share your insights from our brand questionnaire so we can build from a place of inner alignment

Connecting 1:1 & Building the Foundation

Here's How it works

Step 2 – Brand exploration & strategic mapping

Here we’ll take an in-depth look at your brand and establish a strong strategy that communicates everything you stand for. We’ll then translate these discoveries into a personalized strategy handbook – a thorough messaging blueprint – which we’ll walk you through during our first 1:1 session. 

✓ Your rare voice and vision defined – your unique positioning within your industry + what makes it valuable and desirable to others

✓ Audience alignment – making sure we are communicating with the right people in the right ways

✓ Initial 1:1 strategy session where we walk you through our findings and make any necessary adjustments to your brand strategy blueprint

A personalized deep-dive

Step 3 – Focused Implementation Plan

This is where we take your new brand strategy and create a unique implementation plan outlining next steps while supporting a topic of your choice. 

✓ Social Media – an opportunity to connect with your community in a way that serves them while supporting you 

✓ Website – an opportunity to elevate your digital home so that it reflects the quality of your offerings

✓ Copywriting – an opportunity to strengthen your messaging and inspire others to take meaningful action 

✓ Artistic Direction – an opportunity to explore and enhance your brand’s visual language

An actionable guide

Find your place in the industry and become an inspiration in your field

Total investment

3 Monthly Payments

6 Monthly Payments

$4200 CAD

$1540 CAD

$805 CAD

"Wow Savannah. This brand strategy you put together for me is beautiful. It makes me want to cry. You expressed my business in a way that I could have never imagined possible. This is so beautiful, thank you so much."

Oak & Bergamot

A note from savannah

Artist, creative founder & brand strategist

Like you, I’ve come to understand that we as humans experience constant shifts both internally and externally. We evolve and we grow. We live through new experiences and we gain clarity. And as business owners, these changes often manifest in the form of ‘another’ rebrand or offer expansion. With that, I do the work that I do in the way that I do it so that I can support those of you who also find yourself in this in-between – rapidly growing out of this version of you and into the next. I want to provide a safe space for you to explore the changes that are in motion within your creative practice because you along with your business are allowed to grow. Adapt. Shift. You are allowed to change direction, and you are welcome to – I’m simply here to make those pivots, make sense. 

The Archives

A glimpse into some of the brand transformations we've created

Looking for additional support?

We offer standalone services and optional add-ons designed to elevate your work and attract the right people

Clartiy consulting

A candid & collaborative approach to monthly mentorship starting at $500/month

Your monthly support where we unravel your ideas and piece them together with clear direction and purpose. Think virtual coffee dates, enthusiastic voice note exchanges, copy reviews, brand brainstorming, and candid business chats that provide streamlined guidance and encouragement while fuelling you and the growth of your business.

Website design

Elevating the visual aesthetic of your brand with intentional web design starting at $4200 CAD

Through research and self-reflection, our design approach is rooted in intentional exploration, allowing us to build you a home that brings meaning to the lives of others as well as to your own. With a desire to provide an all-encompassing design experience, our web collaborations reflect our understanding of your unique needs, effective copy strategies, client journeys, and overall artistry and functionality. 

Shop templates & digital products

Shop our latest website templates and resources designed to support you on this ever-evolving brand journey

Perhaps you've already done the explore and experiment phase of your business. Perhaps you're starting to book more projects, many of which are coming directly from word-of-mouth referrals. Maybe you're beginning to lean into the elements of your business that you enjoy the most including the type of clients you'd like to work with more. Maybe you've recognized where in your business, you seem to be travelling in circles. And maybe you'd like to finally understand your brand as a whole. If this resonates – then you my friend, are in the right place. 

How do I know if I need this?

Perhaps you've already done the explore and experiment phase of your business. Perhaps you're starting to book more projects, many of which are coming directly from word-of-mouth referrals. Maybe you're beginning to lean into the elements of your business that you enjoy the most including the type of clients you'd like to work with more. Maybe you've recognized where in your business, you seem to be travelling in circles. And maybe you'd like to finally understand your brand as a whole. If this resonates – then you my friend, are in the right place. 

How do I know if I need this?

While marketing focuses on promoting products or services, brand strategy is about defining the essence of your business, including your values, mission, and what makes you unique so that you can market your services. With Brand Regeneration, we provide the practical support that helps you understand your business and how it relates to the lives of your audience. This strategy guides all aspects of marketing efforts to ensure consistency and effectiveness (so if you’re unsure what to say online, then perhaps it’s more of a strategy conversation than a marketing one).

How is it different from marketing?

Absolutely! In fact, brand strategy can be even more beneficial for small businesses looking to make a big impact. It helps you stand out in saturated markets, attract aligned people, and build a strong foundation for future growth. Many of our small business clients came to us after having already invested in several other services, only to express, “This was everything I never knew I needed.” 

My business is small – would this benefit me?

Absolutely – it’s important to us that working together feels accessible and honest. At the same time, we believe the best work is possible when there is an equal energy exchange. With that, all investments intentionally reflect the time and creative energy that goes into each project. These investments not only allow you to flourish your business but allow us to do the same. With that, monthly payment plans are available.

Do you offer payment plans?