✓ The basics of effective copywriting including philosophy, brand voice, purpose, and approach
✓ The foundational yet practical elements of website copywriting including benefit statements, headers and subheaders, testimonials and social proof, use of quotes and impactful statements, body copy, CTAs, as well as basic SEO
✓ Common architectural copy frameworks for your website’s homepage, about page, services page, sales page, portfolio/case study page, blog page, and contact page
✓ Bonus copy suggestions & lifetime access to any future Guidebook updates

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Immediate access to your new Copy Guidebook which includes 50 pages of insights, tangible tips, and examples.

A beginner friendly, all-encompassing framework that helps you write effective copy for your website's primary pages.

Add this guidebook to your web design packages as a freebie, and create an even more valuable experience for your clients.

Holistic Approach

Proven Results

Bonus Resources

Encouraging you to infuse individuality and personality into your writing – no more sounding like everyone else. 

An authentic copywriting manuscript designed to give you the confidence and tools you need to write your own website copy. 

Bonus resources to help you with your copywriting journey including a copy checklist and copy doc template.

“The guidebook has already helped me feel empowered to write clearly about my business and what I offer. It’s practical and soulful, so it’s easier to understand but feels personal. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for support in creating their own copy!”

Sydney Carlino

“As much as I love writing, it was initially challenging for me to find direction with my copy. But the Guidebook had so much good stuff in it – I learned a lot – and referenced it multiple times while writing my copy!” 

Allison Triemstra


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