Kassie is destination elopement and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our collaboration consisted of in-depth Brand Strategy as well as full Website Copywriting. Initially, Kassie reached out to SoulKynd in search for custom brand and web design with the intent of adding copywriting services to the project. With that, SoulKynd pitched to her our collaborative offer, Soul Deep Alignment, an all-inclusive offer created for established business owners looking to expand their impact through elevated visuals and brand messaging. This experience was deeply nourishing and we’re so excited to share with you a glimpse behind Kassie's brand transformation. 

Brand Strategy & Website Copywriting

"After many weeks of diving deep and defining who I am as an artist, the final product is a complete alignment between myself and my business. It's been years of growth and change since I started my photography venture. I finally feel I'm exactly where I'm meant to be and now with reimagined branding that reflects that. So much heart and soul was lovingly poured into this project and I am so thankful for Laura and Savannah for bringing this to life for me."  

The Mood board


Originally operating under the name Feel and Focus Photography, Kassie came to us with a desire to rebrand and communicate this rebrand thoughtfully, beautifully, and cohesively. Although she was booked out a year in advance, she wanted her brand to be an accurate representation of how she feels about her business today, as well as how she wants her potential clients to perceive her brand in general. She also desired a brand voice that would set her apart in the industry. At the core of it all, her primary intention was to create a brand experience that accurately conveyed her vision and showcased her work in a way that felt aligned and elevated.

Process & Approach

In order to create from a place of purpose, we began with the foundation – brand strategy. Using insights from our brand questionnaire, we reimagined her brand and presented her strategy in the form of an in-depth handbook, identifying and defining her brand’s core characteristics including messaging around her brand story, vision, mission, brand tagline, values, ideal clients, value proposition, unique selling points, offerings, personality, as well as brand voice. In essence, we discovered what she’s here to do, for who, how, and what makes her different from other elopement and wedding photographers by looking closely at her competitors. From the initial exploration of her brand, it became evident to us that the overarching theme was “art and nature.” Her love and respect for nature’s inherent beauty clearly pours into all areas of her work – documenting her couples just as they are. Our goal was to communicate this in a way that was unique to her and her vision. 

With this, we were able to move through the rest of the project with a clear direction. 

Kassie Gunn

 It really broke down and made sense of my brand at the very core and gave me reasons for WHY we were moving in each design and copy direction, not just picking what was trendy or ‘pretty’ for the sake of being pretty. Each decision had clear direction and purpose, and that was because of the brand strategy. I think this was my favourite part – seeing all of my ideas translate into something tangible. Going forward, it’ll be so much easier for me to make decisions that align with my brand and keep me consistent.

“I LOVED this component. It wasn’t something I had even thought about or considered prior to having it, but once I saw it, I can’t imagine going into the rest of the project without it."

Copywriting & BranD Design

Once the brand strategy was approved, we began writing her website copy for her primary web pages including her homepage, about, services, contact, portfolio and journal. To go even deeper, we spoke to three of her past clients to truly get a sense of the language they use, so that we can draw in more clients like them. We also used these insights as testimonials. 

"The copywriting really brought to life all of the thoughts and feelings I have and wanted to express, but in a way that far surpasses what I could do on my own. It flows so beautifully and evokes all of the emotions I dreamed of for my brand. The website design and the copy absolutely go hand in hand, I can’t imagine one without the other. I absolutely recommend to everyone looking for brand and web design to also consider how important cohesive copy is, and how much it ties everything together."

Simultaneously, SoulKynd was able to begin the visual process using the strategy we created for Kassie to create custom branding assets. 

Kassie Gunn

“Everything came together so much more beautifully than I even hoped for. If it isn’t abundantly clear — I am SO thrilled with how everything turned out.”

I had a vague vision in mind for the direction of my brand, but I was honestly pretty all over the place and unsure of where to even start. Honing in on the direction and pulling the brand strategy together REALLY helped me visualize a clear path for where we were headed.  Every single time I opened a design asset, piece of copy to review, or logos to give feedback on, I was SO blown away. Everything I reviewed was beyond what I’d imagined, every time, without fail.

 From the very beginning when we were developing the brand strategy, I was so blown away by their talent and every single element they presented. I went from a vague idea of what I wanted, to a clear and concise direction that felt deeply connected to me as an artist. From there, the entire process was thoughtfully laid out and easy for me to follow. Seeing the logo and website mock-ups for the first time seriously had me tearing up. The copy felt like the perfect articulation of everything I wanted to communicate to my clients, but couldn’t find the right words for. Laura and Savannah took the time to really know ME, not just as a creative, but also as a person and that was truly reflected in the work they did on this project. The final result was beyond anything I could have imagined. I open my website every day just to admire it, I love it that much. I will forever be so thankful to have collaborated on this project with such talented and incredible people!

“Laura and Savannah were an absolute dream to work with for my rebrand and new website!"