Oak & Bergamot

Oak & Bergamot is a bespoke commercial cleaning company with a purpose deeply rooted in the well-being of you, your office, and those in it. Beginning with 1:1 brand clarity followed by strategy and messaging, full website copywriting, basic brand design and asset consulting, photography, and custom Showit web design – this project has been so incredibly heartwarming to see it all come together. 

Keywords: Down-to-earth yet sophisticated. Professional yet inviting. 

Brand Clarity, Strategy, Copywriting, Web Design & Brand Photography

"Thank you for expressing our business in a way that we could have never imagined possible. You have transformed our entire business/brand image with so much grace and professionalism. You have turned something ordinary into extraordinary. Thank you for doing all that you do."


Working with business owners from different industries is like being continuously invited into a world of curiosity — a world eager and ready for its core to be unearthed. Together, we get to explore the craft itself, your target market along with their interests. We get to focus on the primary solution your particular industry provides along with how we want to showcase it. We get to create messaging that is grounded in soul and strategy, but more importantly, we get to do things differently. We get to infuse YOUR values and personality into every brand touchpoint. And we get to do it in a way that supports your business as well as you, personally. It’s been such a beautiful journey with you Oak & Bergamot – welcome home. 

The challenge

Having been in business for over 10 years without an online presence, Evelyne, founder of Oak & Bergamot, came to me with a desire to showcase her business in a way that aligns with who she is on a human level.

She always knew how she wanted to feel about her work and with that, it was important to her that we highlight these elements throughout her messaging and visuals. 

She also wanted to attract a specific clientele – those who share the same values. With that, it was clear that our creative direction for both copywriting and web design would take on a different approach, resulting in an online space unique from those in her industry. 

Our primary goals: “to stand out amongst other commercial cleaning companies; to emphasize the deeper values of our business; to elevate our branding; and to feel proud of our digital space.”

Evelyne, Founder of Oak & Bergamot

Thank you Savannah for accepting to take on such a challenging and all-encompassing project. The end result is simply beautiful. Even though I knew that my type of business was not a sector you would normally tackle, I also knew that you would understand and recognize the creative elements that even a commercial cleaning business could embody. You have the gift to capture the very essence of who we are and what we stand for, and you have this rare ability to translate it into your client’s website or whatever it is that you do for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Savannah.

"The website curates perfectly how I want my business to be seen, it’s the perfect representation of me, and it was perfectly executed."

The Process & Approach

01: Using the insights to our brand reflection questionnaire, we established the foundation of her business – identifying key pieces of information including primary purpose, values, strengths, target audience (and their needs), along with her brand personality and voice. 

02: Using these insights, I began to craft messaging that would communicate this information in a way that aligns with her overall vision for her business while also connecting to her ideal target audience. 

03: Next step, copywriting – again, this part of the process focused on crafting messaging for her website that would guide her audience to take action. Keeping her ideal clients in mind, the language we used was warm yet professional. 

04: Once the core messaging was finalized, we began curating the visual components of the project including logo, colour, typography, and brand photography – tying it all together with a custom web design for her business.