Website Copywriting for Energy & Embodiment Coach, Meghan Rendall

As a copywriter who often collaborates with artists, my experience working with Meghan, an embodiment coach, was both enriching and enlightening. Meghan not only brings her expertise as a mental health and trauma-informed coach to her business, but she also offers somatic breathwork and movement facilitation, creating a brand that specializes in holistic wellness. Whether you’re curious about healing generational trauma, finding security in your truth, or embracing your raw humanness, Meghan draws from her personal journey along with her professional experience working in Toronto as an addiction and mental health specialist, to help you live a life of deep inner fulfillment. In this case study, we’ll explore our collaborative process in crafting website copy that beautifully conveys Meghan’s story in a way that resonates with both her and her audience, articulates her mission, and highlights her signature mentorship program, HomeComing.

Brand Voice Keywords: Personable, Conversational, Honest, Kind

A photo of Meghan and her vision statement

The Intention

“I want impactful copy that speaks to my audience and sounds exactly like me.”

As a new business owner, Meghan had three primary intentions for this project. 1. She wanted her website copy to convey her story and offerings in a way that authentically expressed her own transformational journey as a coach, felt deeply raw and personal, and spoke directly to her target market. 2. She knew she would be marketing her services primarily through Instagram and email newsletters, which meant that her new copy would need to sound exactly like her. She wanted it to be written in a way that reflected the brand voice she had already established for herself online – personable, conversational, kind, and honest. 3. She also wanted to highlight HomeComing, her signature 1:1 mentorship program designed to empower women to reconnect with their true selves and manifest the lives they’ve always desired.

Screenshots from Meghan's social media channels

The Deliverables

Sales page & website copywriting

Along with copywriting for Meghan’s primary web pages, including her homepage, about page, and contact page, a key component of our work together was the creation of a sales page for HomeComing, her signature mentorship program. This sales page takes her readers on a ‘mirrored’ journey, inviting them to see themselves within her own personal reflections. It also provides them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about joining HomeComing (outlining the current situation clients may be experiencing, program details, covered topics & deliverables, process & timeline, possible objections, and calls-to-action). 

A photo of Meghan with words talking about her program

The Process & Approach

Unravelling brand objectives & exploring human desires

To lay the groundwork for our project, we began with an in-depth exploration of Meghan’s brand through a reflective questionnaire and strategy call. This is where we dove deeper into the hearts and minds of her target audience identifying their aspirations, interests, and shared values. As a coach in the wellness industry, it was also important to highlight Meghan’s own journey (personal and professional), in order to differentiate herself from other coaches and position herself as an expert in this field. In terms of target audience, I then took an empathetic approach to further understand the needs of her ideal clients – young women yearning for fulfillment in all aspects of life, seeking security in relationships, gaining confidence to ask for what they deserve, and pursuing their most desired lives. This approach allowed me to deliver copy that captures Meghan’s soul story, speaks directly to her soul clients, and aligns with her overall brand vision.

Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website
Screenshots from Meghan's website

The Results

Words from Meghan Rendall

“Before working with Savannah as my copywriter, I never realized or understood just how beautifully my business could be captured. Her ability to put words together is magic; her ability to capture your essence through words is incredible. If you need support in translating your ideas, purpose, and passion across all areas, then I would 1000% recommend and suggest working with Savannah. Being a new business owner myself, I can truly say that her work has had – and will continue to have – a great impact on my success as a business owner.”

The Revision

Since our time together, Meghan’s business has naturally evolved alongside her. So although, HomeComing has now served its purpose – having supported a number of courageous women throughout their own journeys – I’m still incredibly honoured to have been able to help Meghan tell that chapter of her story.